An American Female Hero Who Dedicates Her Time to Killing Poachers

Statistics say that 3500 people are born every 20 minutes on this planet, and sadly, at the same time, a complete species of animals or plants die forever.

It is unfortunate that if this ebb and flow continue in this manner, approximately 20% of the species on this planet will become extinct in the next 30 years. An example of such a species is the black rhino; their population has decreased by almost 97.6% since the 1960s.

Presently, the market price of the rhino horn is somewhere around $30,000 per pound; and this considerable price gives a clear indication of why people are using highly advanced weapons and technologies to track animals in the wild. Endangered animals are slaughtered every year for their body parts such as bones, pelts, horns, etc., that are sold at a substantial price on the black market. These horns are further used to create some religious figurines, and in many markets, people create toddler-sized men as a cure to sexual helplessness.

Some veterans from the U.S. took the initiative to save these endangered animals while taking solid steps against illegal hunting. Kinessa Johnson is the most famous name on the list; this retired U.S. veteran had previously completed several tours in Afghanistan. Currently, she is an anti-poaching advisor, and her team is responsible for training in field medicine, marksmanship, as well as counterintelligence.

Rhino in Tanzania

Before the formation of the group Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW), made of U.S. veterans, 187 park rangers in Tanzania had lost their lives while protecting elephants and rhinos in the area.

The elephant poaching rate in Tanzania had increased over the years; until, Johnson and her team arrived in Africa and joined VETPAW. They started dealing with the poaching issues so that animals who live in Tanzania can be protected by whatever means possible. The poacher’s assassination squad has safeguarded hundreds of animals during this last year.

Johnson and her team are making great efforts to protect the animals, especially elephants and rhinos in the area. A considerable level of the slaughtering cases is now reduced, and it is expected that this issue will be eliminated in a short time. Johnson has dedicated her entire life to these wild creatures, and she is always ready to kill poachers. They are also trying to enforce the existing poaching law in the area, so these mistakes are not made again.

Johnson and her team have created an example for the world, and everyone should take some inspiration from their efforts. They have contributed a lot to save the planet and the innocent living beings in the wild.