Morgan Freeman Converted His Ranch into a Bee Sanctuary

Morgan Freeman is a well-known film director, philanthropist, and an award-winning actor. Off-screen, he has taken on another role as a beekeeper.

The Hollywood legend converted his entire 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a bee sanctuary. He intends to help save the declining bee population. In 2014, Freeman began his journey of beekeeping, which he discussed on the Jimmy Fallon show.

During the interview, he stated his motivation and the importance of saving the wild bees.

“There is a concerted effort for bringing bees back onto the planet. We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation,” Freeman explained.

Bees being fed on the Mississippi Ranch.

Freeman feeds the bees sugar water each day, and he doesn’t wear a bee suit while he feeds the bees. He insists, not a single bee has stung him. He said that he also has no plans of harvesting their honey or in doing anything to disturb the beehives for profit. His main objective is to protect the bee population.

Freeman has also planted large amounts of magnolia trees, lavender, clover, and other bee-allied plants. He is doing everything he can to ensure a vibrant environment surrounds the bees. He would like the bees to feel at home on his ranch.

Throughout the last six years, The Environmental Protection Agency has notified the public of a Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) as the primary cause of the decline of bee populations nationally. Other environmental reasons such as drought, decreased nutrition, parasites, global warming, and air pollution are also taking a toll on bee populations.

Human related activities are also taking a toll on the bees; such as pesticides, insect-resistant genetically-modified crops, and habitat loss are primary factors responsible for CCD. The U.S. government has also recently and surprisingly lifted the bans on the use of bee-killing pesticides, which is a controversial move.

Various potential ecological and agricultural issues can arise if the bee population continues to decrease. Bees are essential pollinators for plants around the world. Researchers from Greenpeace have indicated the domestic and wild honeybees are needed for 80% of global plant pollination.

According to the scholars at Greenpeace, humans can protect the wild bees by:

· The abolition of dangerous pesticides
· The preservation of wild bee habitat
· The restoration of ecological agriculture

Morgan Freeman is a hero to the planet, and his kindness has no end. Operation Earth salutes him on his journey to protecting the bees.