Jane Goodall Vouches to Plant 5 million Trees in 2020

Will life on Earth exist if there are no forest covers? The answer is undoubtedly a big NO. Green covers are fundamental to life on Earth as they embrace an overwhelming diversity of life. The forest covers oxygenate the air we breathe, purifies the water we drink, keeps soil erosion in check, and works as a shield against climate change. 

Unfortunately, green covers are being destroyed at a startling rate. The main reasons behind this destruction are:

– Consumer demands for beef, mined minerals, palm oil, paper, and many more products. 

– Dominant, economic and political interests

This system is erasing innumerable species, spiking imbalance, endangering the survival of aboriginal communities, and the whole existence of life on mother earth.

The only viable solution for the problem of climate change is the protection of green covers, replantation, and restoration of forests. 

Dr. Jane Goodall has decided to give our Mother Earth a fighting chance with her announcement at the 2020 World Economic Forum. She announced her commitment to contribute five million trees through her organization and partnerships in the next year. She aims to achieve it through replantation or restoration. Planting trees is her contribution to one trillion trees campaign of The United Nations Environment Programme.

It is no secret in these last several years, we’ve observed the dreadful, escalating series of destruction that appears when green covers go missing and climate alteration wrecks topography through different natural disasters. 

Encouraged by good virtues, Dr. Goodall feels the campaign is an opportunity to do right by the Earth. Through the works of Jane Goodall Institute (JDI) and other partnerships, Dr. Goodall asserts efforts to reach the goal of one Trillion Trees.

What is the significance of this campaign?

Science says reforestation at the global level binds at least 25% of the annual human-made Carbon Dioxide emissions. This campaign prevents prolonged loss and degradation of green covers and supports the sustainable and appropriate restoration of forests. This campaign could contribute to 33% of the total climate change mitigation needed by the year 2030. 

Restoration of only 350 million hectares of green covers could distrain more than one gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent yearly.

Going by the estimations of the campaign, an area equivalent to the size of the United States could be recuperated with the green cover. 

Jane Goodall Institution and conservation of the chimpanzee range.

The JGI is known to the world for its plausible conservation works across the globe. One of the most commendable works of JGI is holistic conservation across the Chimpanzee range in Africa in collaboration with the local communities. The holistic protection allowed the creation of productive land-use designs and green covers and support of endurable livelihoods. The JGI uses cutting-edge technology to comprehend and compile data of an ecosystem, effectively evaluate habitat shifts, and improve over time.

Such protocols support the protection of precious environments and have provided millions of trees planted or restored over 30 years. Similarly, the Roots & Shoots program assists youth in becoming environmental activists via service-learning projects, which primarily deals in restoration and replantation of forests.