The Worlds First Electric Plane Has Taken Flight

The world’s first fully electric plane took a successful flight for almost fifteen minutes. The world’s first fully-electric commercial aircraft made its maiden test flight in December 2019, taking off from Vancouver, Canada, gifting a massive confidence that the aviation industry may end their contaminating and polluting emissions.

The airline industry across the globe has vowed to lessen the carbon footprint of the aviation business; they are now focusing on electric propulsion. As per a recent report by Climate Law Institute, aircraft would contribute more than forty gigatons of pollutants by the year 2050, exhausting with more than 6% of earth’s remaining carbon budget. Planes release overwhelming levels of carbon dioxide, the most rampant greenhouse gas. With the green intention, the test flight of an all-electric flight has changed the game of the aviation industry.

The organizations of Harbour Air and Magnix need to be congratulated for their incredible partnership in creating the very first all-electric commercial aviation vehicle. A big thanks to them discovering aviation with zero emissions. In simpler words, let’s assume passenger aviation as a country; the same would rank eighth after South Korea on carbon footprints. As the world prepares for COP26, the 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference, it is highly ambiguous how delegates will put forward an international treaty to cut airplane pollution.

The United Nations agency of ICAO responsible for focusing on international aviation pollution has flopped to deal with aviation carbon emissions. The industry has successfully launched its first all-electric airplane, to deal with aviation pollution. The biggest challenge for “Green Propulsion” is that electric engines are relatively weak when compared to the weight of large planes.

First, short-haul flights are possible with the limited battery life of these electric engines. The best part is, the industry doesn’t have to build a new plane around the electric motor, which demands more resources concerning money and time. However, the existing aircraft can be modernized with the non-polluting electric engine.

We all remember the Wright Brothers, who blessed us with a new era of transportation with their invention. And, almost a century later, technology maestro Harbor Air has revolutionized its design with all-electric airplanes. Their venture marks the latest evolution in all-electric flight, a quantum to fight climate change.

With many companies like Boeing, Uber, etc. are working on developing electric vertical take-off and landing, environmentally friendly, passenger electric air travel can be a reality very soon.