About Us

I love how OE5 inspires us to do better and be better. I really enjoy reading their blogs.

~ Tracy Lee


The people behind Operation Earth are a pair of Canadians who remember a time before Mother Earth began to weep; perhaps even that is in our naive children’s memory. We remember stories of ice caps that were thick and relentless, skies clear and blue instead of hazy and polluted, and rainforests that were lush and green giving off their life-saving oxygen. Habitats were full of an abundance of fauna and flora, and single-use plastics weren’t filling up oceans and killing the Earth’s birds and mammals. 


As travelers, we remember when it was safer to backpack to hidden gems of the world when our biggest issue was trying to find a local who could communicate with us to locate the basic needs we required. In many of the areas we once traversed, there is now war, refugee camps, and humans fighting one another over equal rights. These events were brought into focus for us one cold Canadian evening in 2018. A group of friends sat around a fire with a local news station as background noise. It was impossible not to hear the stories making headlines that day — the homeless Canadians freezing in the minus 30 degree weather as they slept on the streets; the ongoing Middle East war; the forests on fire; air pollution clogging up skies impacting people’s health; and oceans filling with plastic. It was exhausting and saddening.


We reminisced about the times when the Earth was healthier. Everyone expressed an interest in helping heal the Earth, but no one had a clear idea of how to go about it. How were we supposed to save the world, stop the ice caps melting, put out fires, feed children, and remove the plastic waste? We realized part of the solution could be communicating. We were disheartened to hear the negative news, but maybe there was real work occurring to help Mother Earth. We started a blog called Operation Earth to educate the people about the good earthly news happening in the world. Instead of passing on the depressing and sad news, we wanted to remind and inspire people – good things are happening to help save our planet, and we all can be a part of it.


Thanks to a generous social media following and positive feedback about our blog, we expanded our Operation Earth initiative to sell apparel and donate the proceeds to the Earth’s needs. We aspired to help create positive elemental change for the Earth and all who live here by creating separate and distinct lines, each one representing an element of the Planet — Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Humanity.


Our mission is to help clean up Mother Earth in all of her elements. We aspire to provide support for the areas that need the most help and want to educate all the humans about the reasons we need to care for this planet.


Thanks to the generosity of our patrons, proceeds will help aid in various areas including tree planting; habitat clean up; protection of sensitive areas; water conservation; eliminating single-use plastics; restoring the damage caused by fires to forested areas such as the Amazon; feeding the hungry; stopping FGM and human trafficking; lowering air pollution levels; promoting renewable energy; saving endangered species and their habitat; and overall educating as many people as a possible to do the same.

With Operation Earth elemental-themed apparel, otherwise known as OE5 (for the five elements), we will donate the proceeds of the profits made from each sale of clothing to its specific element in need.


As we grow our presence, donations and our message will reach more distant corners of the planet, ensuring that humans and habitats across the world have a fair chance at survival.


We are a Canadian company pursuing a means to bring back a healthy planet. We were founded in 2018 as a blog, but have since expanded to offer a clothing line called OE5, dedicated to making the world a better place.


Our line of apparel is broken into the Earth’s elements — Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Humanity. For each elemental apparel purchased by a consumer, the proceeds are donated to an area of that element which is in need.


Through OE5 we hope to make it easier for not only Canadians, but every human of the world to do their part to help Mother Earth. We realize not everyone has the time to take part in a Mother Earth initiative such as picking garbage from a natural area or body of water, or feeding animals at a shelter. With your purchase or donation, Operation Earth can do the work for you. With every apparel item sold, a small piece of the Earth can heal.

The PILLARS of Operations

Intent. Operation Earth desires to create change and assist the Earth’s elements through selling apparel and donating the proceeds to education, inspiration, and grassroots action.

We created an online store to sell OE5 apparel to humans who are inspired to help make Mother Earth healthy again and support our cause. We have also created a blog, and social media presence for like-minded people to follow along with us. Readers will realize there is an abundance of positive changes occurring around the world, and each individual can make an impact.


Continuous future projects will support grassroots action to expand our operations to all corners of the planet.


Vision. We see a world with equal rights, zero waste, and no pollution; we see a clean, just, and healthy Earth.


Action. Operation Earth uses our clothing apparel to raise money and donate the proceeds where the Earth needs it most. We give back and encourage humans to reduce, re-use, up-cycle, recycle, and choose biodegradable and compostable products. We aim to inspire people to clean and protect the Earth’s soils, atmosphere, and oceans. We encourage individuals to provide relief after a fire, invest in and use renewable energy, and regard animals, plants, and humans with kindness and compassion. We support and inspire all of the world’s citizens to be Elemental Allies.

Operation Earth has future ideas brewing, and are encouraging people to stay tuned for more ways in which they can become an Ally.


Clarity. Continuing each day to educate, inspire and create change today for a better tomorrow. We are all in this together.