The Irwin Family Comes to The Rescue of Animals Injured in Australian Wildfires

The Irwin family is taking forward the legacy of Steve Irwin to save the animals that have been injured as a repercussion of the wildfires in Australia. Terri Irwin and Robert Irwin, Steve’s widow and son respectively, related out their thoughts in an interview about the devastation brought upon by the raging wildfires that have taken the entire flora and fauna of the nation into its ugly clutches.

They stated that witnessing the vulnerability of the animals in the face of this catastrophe was nothing but heartbreaking and upsetting. Innumerable helpless creatures from koalas to kangaroos from all across the country lost their habitats to this devastating disaster. Several videos and pictures surfaced on the internet that showed that these animals had no place to go and desperately looked for assistance after developing severe burns in the fire.

The Irwin family protecting and saving animals.

The Irwin family operates the Australian zoo, which was rendered safe from the fires, and according to reports, the wildlife hospital of the zoo has encountered a steep rise in the number of injured animals in the last few days. During the interview, Terri Irwin said: “The problem with the koalas, is that whenever they find themselves in the face of a crisis, they climb up to the top of the trees.” Eucalyptus trees, in particular, contain high portions of oil in their leaves, and whenever the fire hits a tree, it explodes in a moment.

The latest statistics suggest that the bushfires killed around one-third of koalas residing in New South Wales, and there was nothing anybody could have done about it. Even though the zoo’s hospital specializes in koalas, it takes all other injured animals into its care, including birds and bats as well. Terri further explained that if nothing is done about this wildfire soon, the number of animals admitted in the hospital will only increase, and hundreds will turn into thousands without us even knowing.

When animals die or are injured in such uncontrolled numbers, the entire balance of the ecosystem is disrupted; bats, for instance, are the farthest-flying pollinators, without them, the animals categorized below and above them will fail to survive and this chain will only continue to plague. Terri added that around 15 million acres of land have already been destroyed, and judging by the looks of it, the number will keep on multiplying if nothing is done about the galloping wildfire.

Terri confessed that the present situations in Australia are nothing less than a battle for the ecosystem. When coupled with the impacts of the melting glaciers, Amazon fires, and the rise of sea levels, the scale of the adversity becomes manifold. Given the current circumstances, we are now left in a position where we will either be more active and serious when it comes to safeguarding our environment or lose it forever.

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