China Has Assigned 60,000 Soldiers to Plant Trees

Considering the raging effects of Global Warming that has taken every corner of this planet under its grip, China has reciprocated by assigning a total of 60,000 troops to plant trees and make way for new forests. According to reports, an active regiment of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the country’s armed police have been removed from their posts, to guard the borders of the North. They have been tasked with planting trees that would resultantly create a stable platform to combat the evils of swelling pollution.

Considering the objective of the project, it is bound to be characterized by large-scale schemes and support from the authorities involved. As per plans, the major part of this number will be deployed to Hebei province, the one which encapsulates Beijing from all sides and where three new projects have been planned, and the rest will be evenly dispersed across the rest of the country. The primary reason supporting this distribution is that Hebei province is the principal perpetrator producing the thick and polluted smog that hovers like a blanket above the capital city. The regiments have pledged to escalate the total forest coverage of Hebei by 35% in 2020 so that the reputation of the capital as the ultimate culprit for instigating pollution, is waived off.

With this project, China is looking forward to transforming around 6.66 million hectares of land into new forests in this year itself. Additionally, in the last five years, near about 33.8 million hectares of land have already been used up to sow the seeds of trees that will grow and develop into nothing less than the literal getaways for a healthier and enriched life in such time of crises. As per reports, the country is also keen to increase the portion covered by woodlands by 1.3%; meaning, the configuration that rested at 21.7% in 2016 will go up to 23% by the end of 2020.

The armed police force has been served with a specially assigned forestry branch for surveillance to analyze the forested chunks of including the northeastern Greater Khingan mountain range, which is also known as China’s “green lungs” in Inner Mongolia provinces and Heilongjiang. If we are to state facts from the current forest reports, then it is worth mentioning that the total forested area of the nation now stands at 208 million hectares, which includes the introduction of 33.8 million acres of wooded land in the last five years.

China’s plan to remove soldiers from their posts and endow them with the responsibilities towards the environment is not new. When we go back a little, we are reminded of 2015 when Beijing announced its plan to release 30,000 soldiers and PLA-personnel who were allotted similar tasks of planting trees and improving the state-level infrastructure projects. Keeping aside the positive impacts that the project is about to ring in, the redeployed troops have shown enthusiasm towards this mission as well. According to the soldiers, planting trees inland would allow them to give up on the harsh living conditions that are predominant around the Northern borders of China, where they had been initially placed.

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