Two Men in Mexico Created Leather From a Cactus

With the rising environmental concerns, the world is always at the brink of formulating new ways that would keep up with the vital needs of humanity without exploiting or exhausting the bounties of nature. Thus, keeping up with the tendencies of the same, a revolutionary culture is occurring as humans around the globe are finding innovative ways to create products without harming animals.

Recently, two Mexican entrepreneurs, Marte Cazarez and Adrian Lopez Velarde, gifted humanity with probably one of the greatest innovations of the decade; that is, they created the first organic leather derived entirely from the nopal cactus. The chief objective of this leather is to gradually eliminate animal cruelty and open doors for materials that are eco-friendly and unlimited. Furthermore, this leather is partially biodegradable. Also, since this leather is created from a cactus, there is no water waste.

Desserto organic leather produced from the nopal cactus

The most intriguing constituent of the leather derived from the cactus is that the material feels like animal-based leather. It looks the same and encourages people to love animals. The list of ingredients that qualify this leather, in the good books of the environment, is its breathability, light-weight, flexibility, comfortable texture, and guaranteed durability of 10 years, if well maintained. Once this innovation starts receiving the positive light that it deserves, it will invariably replace the synthetic leather.

The two prime figures responsible for bringing about this creative change pursued their passion of giving it back to the environment without turning back; they quit their jobs and carried out extensive study and research for two years before employing the scheme. Marte Cazarez and Adrian Lopez Velarde have named their design as Desserto, which directly translates to nopal or cactus vegan leather. They don’t use toxic chemicals, phthalates, or PVC in their design. Addressing their organic creation, Lopez Velarde stated to the media that their product is ready for the global market.

The principles of Desserto were exhibited before the world at the International Leather Fair Lineapelle in Milan, Italy. The venture has also started welcoming potential customers to capitalize on the constituents for several industrial applications. In other news, several brands have been aiming to create vegan leather from plants such as olives and pineapple, including a leading label like H&M.

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